zhenxin Ray
This site is a portfolio of Ray . Hope you enjoy it!
故事板,分镜头,storyboard,电影分镜,分镜师,storyboard artist
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Author: zhenxin Ray

Blender Add-ons list

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Garment Tool 衣物布料模拟 Hair Tool 毛发制作 D-NOISE AI-Accelerated Denoiser 简单后期去噪 PBR Materials 免费轻量材质插件 Import fSpy project 图像相机匹配   Asset Wizard 模型库,材质库 Auto-Rig Pro 智能骨骼绑定 Proxy picker ARP 辅助工具 The Grove 7 树木生成 Pro Lighting Studio 布光预设 Hard OPs 9 硬表面系统 BoxCutter 硬表面建模...

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